SOUNDWALK COLLECTIVE w/ Charlotte Gainsbourg feat Atom™, Lyra Pramuk, Paul B. Preciado, Willem Dafoe


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  • Double LP, 180gr.
  • Clear Vinyl w/ Embossed Gold Leaf album cover; 16-Page Booklet featuring Painted Artwork and Lyrics

Press Release

Press Release (PDF)

Written and conceived by Stephan Crasneanscki, ‘LOVOTIC’ is a concept album by Soundwalk Collective, composed in collaboration with lauded actress and singer/songwriter Charlotte Gainsbourg, Featuring veteran techno stalwart Atom™, rising singer/composer/performance artist Lyra Pramuk, celebrated actor Willem Dafoe, and writer/philosopher Paul B. Preciado, the album will be available from April 1st via the new Berlin-based Analogue Foundation.

Inspired by a relatively new field of research that seeks to explore and develop the possibilities of sexual and emotional relationships – and even love – between humans and robots, ‘LOVOTIC’ interrogates the impulses, ideas, and needs underlying this phenomenon. The project ventures into a future where sex, intimacy and desire are reformulated through the connection of humans, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

In an age of such hybrid entanglement with the machine, human identity requires the construction of new forms of intimacy, gender, and sexuality. At present, however, such technologies are primarily used to produce programs of limited sexual iterations that do not question the preformatted categories of gender and sexual orientation. In contrast, on ‘LOVOTIC’, Soundwalk Collective ask whether the future of sex and sexuality could instead be an exponentially expanding kaleidoscope. Where does the impulse of preference come from? What sets of words from our vocabulary can be communicated to the AI mind to generate a new identity for desire? Could the machine be another technology that brings us closer together?

Sonically ‘LOVOTIC’ is unidentifiable, artificial, and genuinely futuristic, occupying an amorphous androgynous netherworld at the borderlands between biotic and android. Traditional musical signposts are virtually non-existent, instead offering a mercurial, formless sound which mirrors the flourishing of gender fluidity it suggests could be on the horizon.

‘LOVOTIC’ is available as an artist edition double LP pressed on transparent vinyl, featuring a hand engraving on each side. It includes a 16-page booklet containing lyrics and painted artwork, both by Stephan Crasneanscki.

  • Artistic Direction: Stephan Crasneanscki
  • All music written, composed and produced by Soundwalk Collective
  • Additional production: Stan Neff
  • Arrangement: Simone Merli, Atom™, Stan Neff
  • Voice processing, added programming and editing: Atom™
  • Additional recordings: Robert Henriques, Carlota Marques
  • Sound design and modular consulting: Benjamin Flesser
  • Mixed by Atom™
  • Voices: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Atom™, Lyra Pramuk, Paul B.
  • Preciado, Willem Dafoe
  • Lyrics: Stephan Crasneanscki, except ‘The Age Of Mutation’ and ‘Primate Love’ by Paul B. Preciado.
  • ‘Lovotic’ also by Atom™
  • Artwork by Stephan Crasneanscki

  • Recorded at Electric Lady Studios in NYC,
  • Les Studios Saint Germain in Paris, Analogue Foundation Berlin.
  • Mastered by Tim Rees at Schnittstelle, Berlin.
  • Lacquer cut by Andreas Kauffelt. Pressed by Intakt.
  • Produced by Analogue Foundation.

  • Artwork: Stephan Crasneanscki.
  • Art direction advisor: Olivier Zahm. Graphic design: Corinne Thévenon Grandrieux, Catherine Barluet.
  • Additional design & Layout: Studio Pensom, Blackbirds Inc.

Special thanks:
Jan Rohlf, Marcus Gammel, Olivier Zahm, Radu Bogdan, Lee Foster, Erik Breuer, Corinne Thévenon, Elodie Filleul, Brian Close, Tyler Friedman, Elena Origliasso, Alessia Avallone, Handle With Care, Max Gössler, Sohichiro Matsumoto, Robert Morgan-Males, Schneidersladen Berlin, Audio-Technica

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